Root Canal Treatment

Let the dentists at White Sands Dental Gympie take care of your root canal treatment in our relaxed Gympie practice!


If you’re experiencing pain caused by damaged or diseased tissue in your tooth, a root canal treatment can remove the pain. It’s a routine treatment carried out by our professional dentists and you’ll be pain-free in no-time.


At White Sands Dental Gympie all dentists are able to carry out root canal treatment. We also have Dr Charles Henry who is currently undergoing a Masters Degree in root canal treatment. He receives referrals from other dental practices including practices on the sunshine coast who travel up to see him. With all the latest up to date root canal specialist materials and techniques he enjoys the more difficult cases so give us a call for a consult.

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Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment (RCT) is a procedure where the damaged or infected nerve of a tooth is removed and replaced with a root filling in order to save the tooth. This is also called Endodontics.


Why would I need Root Canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is required when the nerve (also known as the Pulp) of the tooth is inflamed or dying or infected. This can cause aching throbbing or lingering pain. This has occurred as bacteria have somehow got into the sterile nerve system often through a hole or fracture in the tooth which will then later cause an infection. Once this has occurred, removal of the tooth or saving the tooth through root canal treatment are the treatment options possible.


How much is root canal treatment and is an extraction cheaper?

In general an extraction is likely to be a cheaper option and something we can also do at White Sands Dental Gympie. However, each replacement option of the teeth also have their pro’s and cons and should be considered. The cost of replacement is often higher than root canal treatment itself. Root canal treatment cost is dependant on the tooth as each tooth will have a varying number of nerves and difficulty. Usually the front teeth are less than the back teeth with rough costs at White Sands Dental Gympie of a front tooth at $800-$1000, Middle tooth (premolar) at $1000-$1300 and Back tooth at $1600.

Want an exact cost? Come in or call for a consult with our friendly careful highly skilled dentists!

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Pain-free root canal treatment

Root canal treatment doesn’t have to be painful. It’s a routine procedure where our dentists remove damaged or diseased tissue from inside a tooth.

Do I need to see a root canal specialist?

An Endodontist is a dentist who specialises in root canal treatment.

Without seeing the tooth or x-ray, it is always difficult to say if a root canal specialist is the only option. Many patients are referred to a root canal specialist because root canal treatment can be a difficult and challenging procedure. Here at White Sands Dental Gympie, Dr Charlie has a special interest in root canal treatment and feels comfortable taking on many of the more challenging cases. However, there are certain instances where referral to an Endodontist may be required.

Want an opinion? Why not pop in or email over your X-ray and we can see if we can help !

Root Canal Treatment Can Save a Tooth

Rapid improvements in dentistry and modern techniques such as 3D imaging, digital X-rays, and laser technology have revolutionised the oral health industry. Our White Sands Dental in Gympie staff is committed to providing specialised dental services you can trust. Did you know that a root canal treatment is one effective way to save an infected tooth and restore oral health?

A Few Simple Steps

Contrary to popular belief, a root canal involves a few easy stages, which we can complete in one to two consultations. These steps comprise the following:

  • Removing the pulp from the root canal under local anaesthesia.
  • Filling the hollow area with an approved substance to seal the canal completely.
  • Placing a crown or permanent filling over the cavity to protect the tooth.

After receiving treatment at White Sands Dentistry, you will put all the misconceptions about root canals to rest. Extracting an infected tooth is never the best option as it can cause malocclusion or โ€œbad bitesโ€. The pain of an infected tooth is usually more significant than the temporary discomfort of a root canal procedure. Also, the treatment is quick and cost-effective.

Trust the Professionals

You neednโ€™t look further than our exceptional team if you need a root canal in Gympie. Our dentists are masters in delivering cutting-edge services such as root canal treatment, veneers, bridges, and general family dentistry, to mention a few. We will tend to your unique dental challenges in our relaxing White Sands Dental environment and welcome the whole family.

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